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Tena koutou katoa. Heaton Normal Intermediate School is a decile 9 co-educational school catering for students aged 11-13 years old, situated in the suburb of Merivale in Christchurch, NZ. Please have a look around our site!

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  • Cantamaths – Year 8 Competition Winners

    Cantamaths – Year 8 Competition Winners

    August 31, 2014

    1st place was awarded to our year 8 Cantamaths team. Shinyeop Hwang, Sam Clark, Maddie Flynn and Shincheol Hwang worked quickly together as a team to become the winners of this prestigious Cantamaths trophy.

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  • Cantamaths – 2nd place for year 7 team

    Cantamaths – 2nd place for year 7 team

    August 31, 2014

    Congratulation to our year 7 team. They were placed 2nd in the recent Cantamaths competition. Jordan Peters , Max Young, Amy Lee and Tyler Phipps raced through the 10 questions to reach the golden 100 points shortly behind the winning team.

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  • Christchurch Writers & Readers Festival

    Christchurch Writers & Readers Festival

    August 28, 2014

    As part of the Christchurch Writers and Readers Festival, authors Jackie French, Donovan Bixley and Melinda Szymanik entertained our Heaton Litquiz teams. They read aloud from their most recent novels and spoke about the art of writing.

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  • Japanese Students Visit Heaton

    Japanese Students Visit Heaton

    August 26, 2014

    A group of Japanese high school students visited Heaton. They were given a fantastic welcome by our kapa haka group. The Japanese students shared with our students activities related to their language.

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  • “Reading with the Stars”

    “Reading with the Stars”

    August 14, 2014

    What a fantastic turnout for the Book Fair evening, “Reading with the Stars”. Parents and students enjoyed book browsing, listening to Heaton musicians and light refreshments. As students arrived, they received a golden ticket. Our special guest star, Logan van Beek drew 3 lucky numbers for $15 Merivale Paper Plus vouchers. Lucky numbers still to be claimed are 63 and 73.

    The amount spent, by the end of the evening of nearly $3500, was well above expectations and has set us well on the road to our Book Fair goal of $6 000. If we reach our goal, we will receive from Scholastic $2 000 worth of books which will make a significant contribution to our LRC library collection.

    A big thank you goes to all parents and students who have purchased books to date. A reminder the Book Fair continues till 1.30pm, Friday 15 August. Many thanks also to the PTA who have supported us throughout the week and took care of the evening’s catering.

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  • Cultural Day

    Cultural Day

    August 4, 2014

    To ignite our Term 3 Inquiry “Fusion” we held a Cultural Day on 1st August. Students dressed in a huge variety of costumes as we celebrated our rich cultural diversity. The aim of the inquiry is:  to develop an understanding of how the values and key beliefs of a culture are reflected and sustained through their arts, language, traditions, festivals, food etc. and that all cultures have their similarities and differences.  Through this understanding, students will further develop empathy, respect and value not only their own heritage but also those of others and discover what is our “kiwi culture.”

    The culmination of our inquiry is the production “FUSION” which is running in week 10 of this term from the 22nd -24th September.

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