Our School

Welcome to Heaton Normal Intermediate School.

At our school we strive to provide the best possible education for your child. We want all our students to achieve to a high level and to leave our intermediate equipped with the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed for success, not only at the next stage of their formal education but also as lifelong learners.

Early adolescence is a unique and special time of immense physical, intellectual, emotional and social development. These changes create specific needs and challenges that are significantly different from the needs of younger children or older adolescents. Our teachers are specialists at working with students in their early adolescence. The whole operation of our school is geared to meet the needs of this age group.

In particular, early adolescents enjoy learning about what is important and meaningful to them in an environment where they have some choice and a real say in what and how they learn. There also remains an emphasis on developing skills to a high level in literacy and numeracy.

Our school is strongly based on the values of respect, responsibility and care for others. We want every student to thrive in an environment where there is real emphasis on supportive, caring and encouraging relationships.

We thoroughly enjoy having the opportunity to include international students in our school community. We believe all our students benefit by learning and developing alongside students from a wide variety of cultures and backgrounds. Students in our school achieve outstanding results in academic subjects, sport and music. We have highly qualified and experienced teachers who have high expectations for all our students and work very hard to ensure every student achieves to the highest possible level.

We are a Normal School, which means we have a special role in supporting preservice teacher training providers, the College of Education at the University of Canterbury and the New Zealand Graduate School of Education (NZGSE). The term “normal school” originated in the early 19th century from the French, École Normale which was a model school that demonstrated exemplary teaching in order to model excellent teaching practice for trainee teachers.

You are most welcome to come and talk to me at any time and to see our school in action.

Andrea Knight