Our distinctive green and gold school uniform provides a sense of unity and collective identity. We ask that students take pride in their appearance, arriving at school clean, neat and wearing the correct uniform as outlined in our guidelines below. Although we believe it is the student’s responsibility to dress according to Heaton’s guidelines we ask caregivers to offer support where required.

Uniform Options


  • Lightweight, wraparound skirt, green and white check, knee length.
  • Green tailored shorts (alternative to skirt).
  • Heaton regulation dark grey shorts.
  • White summer weight short-sleeved over-shirt with slits, school logo added.
  • Short-sleeved over-shirt, school logo added, Oxford Silver colour
  • V neck Kairanga brand pullover jersey, Lincoln green or Alford knitting brand, Heaton green.
  • V neck Mainland Uniform merino pullover jersey, Heaton green.
  • White ankle socks, worn above the ankle.
  • Short, mid grey socks


  • Kilt style skirt, Gordon Tartan, Twill fabric, regulation length to be 20cm from the ground.
  • Green tailored shorts (alternative to skirt).
  • Heaton regulation dark grey shorts.
  • White long-sleeved over-shirt with slits, school logo added. (This is optional – we find that most students prefer to wear a short-sleeved shirt during winter.)
  • V neck Kairanga brand pullover jersey, Lincoln green or Alford knitting brand, Heaton green.
  • V neck Mainland Uniform merino pullover jersey, Heaton green.
  • Soft shell jacket, school logo added.  Optional for outer wear only.
  • Knee-length socks or tights, navy blue.
  • Knee-length dark grey socks, two green bands.


  • School P.E. shorts and shirt are required by all students (available from the school canteen).
  • Heaton sunhat, compulsory in Terms 1 and 4 (available from the school canteen).

Guidelines for our uniform


  • As part of our sunsafe policy, sunhats are a compulsory part of our school uniform. These are worn in terms one and four. The regulation green hat or black cap can be purchased from the School Canteen from day one.


  • Black lace-up or t-bar leather shoes. Pupils are expected to wear regulation footwear to and from school and should also have suitable footwear for Physical Education and Sport. Parents are reminded of the need for children to wear suitably protective footwear while working in the Technology areas.


  • The only jewellery allowed with the school uniform is plain silver or gold ear studs.


  • Children are permitted to wear protective clothing over their uniforms when travelling to and from school. Children must wear their school uniform at school.


  • Hair should be tidily kept at all times and worn in keeping with the intended spirit of the school uniform. Pupils with long hair should tie it back neatly.

Manner of Attire

  • Students are expected to wear their uniforms neatly.

Naming of Uniform

  • Parents will be well aware of the need for all clothing and equipment to be clearly named. Annually, numerous articles are lost or never claimed.

The following stores stock our uniform

  • Mainland Uniforms – 511 Wairakei Road, phone 360 3037
  • Mainland Uniforms – 376 Ilam Road, phone 351 7666
  • Athlete’s Foot, Northlands Mall – Phone 354 0328 (percentage of sales donated to Heaton)
  • Athlete’s Foot, Riccarton Mall – Phone 343 1629 (percentage of sales donated to Heaton)
  • Shoe Clinic, Riccarton Mall – Phone 348 0841 (percentage of sales donated to Heaton)

The PTA runs the second-hand uniform shop with proceeds being reinvested back into the school via PTA fundraising projects. This service is valuable for both parents selling items and those wishing to purchase good quality second-hand uniform items for students. Items are held all year and stock depends entirely on what has been handed in for sale. Please note no new items are available via the PTA uniform shop and we are unable to resell second-hand caps or socks.

The PTA runs its major uniform sale at the end of the school year. This is an opportunity for parents of students leaving the school to sell items with a quick turnaround. Items must be laundered overnight on the last day of year 8 school year to have them ready for sale for the following afternoon. It also enables parents of new students to purchase second-hand uniforms ready for the new year as the second-hand uniform shop is not available over the holiday period. Details of this sale will be posted on the website and in the newsletter nearer the time.

PTA second-hand uniforms can also be purchased on an ad-hoc basis during the year by contacting the school office.

If you wish to sell any uniform items you need to complete the below form, bag items and hand into the office so they can be placed in the uniform cupboard for sale. The form provides all details and conditions for selling items and a separate form is required for each item of clothing.