Heaton’s canteen provides students with healthy and delicious food Tuesday to Friday.

Canteen Menu 2021

We have Pita Pit lunches available for order on Wednesdays, Sushi on Thursdays and Subway on Fridays.

Place orders on www.mykindo.co.nz

Available Daily:

Chicken Burger $4.00

Garlic Bread $3.50

Steamed Buns $4.00

Chicken Nuggets (GF) $4.00

Noodles $3.00

Asian Noodles $3.00

Sausage Roll $2.50

Mince & Cheese Pie $3.00

Potato Top Pie $3.00

Cookie Time Cookie $1.50

GF Cookie Time Cookie $3.00

Cookie Bites $0.20

Popcorn (GF) $1.00

Munchos $2.50

Heartland Chips $2.50

Bottled Water $2.00

Cali-Yum Milk $2.00