“Ko te ahurei o te tamaiti arahia ō tātou mahi”

Let the uniqueness of the child guide our work.

Our school aims to foster deep learning so that all learners contribute to the common good, address global challenges and flourish in a complex world. 

Our teachers strive to design learning experiences that build on learner strengths, create new knowledge using real-life problem solving and help all students identify their talents, purpose and passion. Students immerse themselves in the topic they are studying. The topic is one that is purposeful and meaningful to our students. They investigate the location, historical background, current situation, issues and problems associated with the topic. Once they become highly knowledgeable on the topic, they then drive their inquiry.

Our students spend most of their day with their homeroom teachers who teach Literacy, Mathematics, Physical Education and Health, Outdoor Education and Information and Communication skills. Students receive specialist teaching for Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Technologies and Science onsite from our specialist teachers.

Learning Support

At Heaton we understand that every learner is unique and we want every student to fulfil their potential.

“We believe that every child can learn, just not on the same day, or in the same way”

~ George Evans.

The Learning Support team provides support for students who require curriculum adaptations, a specialised learning programme, support materials or other resources to help facilitate learning.

The team works closely with the school teaching staff, parents/caregivers and whānau and, where appropriate, outside agencies. They provide support with literacy and numeracy skills as well as social interactions, specific learners’ tools and transition programmes into Heaton and onto secondary school.

Students needing additional support are identified in a number of ways including, information from their previous school, testing and teacher identification. The Learning Support team will do further work with students to identify student’s strengths and specific needs. If you would like more information about Learning Support at Heaton please contact Paula Dorè

English for Speakers of Other Languages

“Ko tōku nui, tōku wehi, tōku whakatiketike, tōku reo.”

My language is my greatness, my inspiration, that which I hold precious.

English language learners receive specialised English language teaching alongside the mainstream class programme to fully access the New Zealand Curriculum.

While there is an emphasis on the development of literacy skills related to speaking, listening, reading and writing, pastoral care support is another valued part of the programme. Our aim is for English language learners at Heaton to feel happy and culturally adjusted to their life in New Zealand. Honouring individual, cultural identity is central to our ESOL programme.

Parents are encouraged to attend meetings throughout the year. Working in partnership with teachers to support their child’s learning and progress ensures success. First language support is available so that parents and students can communicate freely and access all that Heaton has to offer. 

For any questions related to the ESOL programme please contact Cathy Mundy.

“Another language opens up a whole new window on the world. It might be small and difficult to see through at first, but it gives you a different perspective, and it might make you realise that your first window could do with a bit of polishing and even enlarging.”

~Hone Tuwhare, Die Deutsche Sprache und Ich, NZCTE, Goethe Institut, circa 1997