IMG_7249Our students spend most of their day with their homeroom teachers who teach:

English – Reading, written language, oral language, library and research skills, interpreting and visual information.

Mathematics – Numeracy and algebra, geometry and measurement, statistics.

Physical Education and Health – Fitness, physical and team skills, wellbeing.

Outdoor Education – Learning in Environments outside of the school, eg. camping, abseiling, skiing, visits in the community.

Information and Communication skills – Computer skills, cyber-safety, multimedia skills.

IMG_7258The learning areas taught by specialist teachers in modules throughout the year are:

Performing Arts – Dance, music, drama.

Visual Arts – Drawing, painting, pottery, printing.

Technology – Wood, metal and plastics, digital, food, fabric and fibre.

Science – Investigating, understanding and explaining our natural and physical world, and the wider universe.