Tikao House Cultural Expo 2018

A celebration of inquiry learning for students from Rooms 6, 8 & 10.

Last Friday 24 August, students from Tikao House shared with each other their research on different cultures from around the world.

This is part of our Term 3 inquiry on cultural identity. Students are learning to appreciate different cultures in our global community. 

On the day, students shared their learning with each other through the use of poster boards, food, slides, videos, musical instruments, plus other props, traditional costumes and decorations – even a mannequin! It was an engaging session and students earned a stamp in their ‘cultural passports’ for every culture they learned about. 

This expo will be used as a platform for students to build deeper understandings into how people maintain their cultural identity  and how other cultures are interconnected with their own.

Thank-you to all the teachers and parents who came along to support and encourage the learning for our tamariki!

Miss Watson, Miss White and Mr. Phanpho

By Boss Phanpho