The Great Christchurch Technology Challenge 2019

Last Wednesday night Heaton entered two Year 8 teams in the Construction Challenge section. Well done to both of the teams that participated!

Team members were Nathan – Room 7, Amadee – Room 7, Hakarangi – Room 8, Lexi – Room 9, Lucy – Room 10, Ben – Room 14, Hannah – Room 9, and Cooper – Room 17. 

 In the construction challenge, students could be asked to make the largest, tallest, fastest, strongest or longest product, but what that product was is only to be revealed on the night.

The team’s challenge on the night was to make a grabber device to pick up flowers and put them in a bucket, using only newspaper, tape, paper clips and string in the fastest time. 

Both teams put in a great effort! 

By Mark Greaves