Student Safety

We know that adolescents are more likely to take risks and often do not think through the consequences of their actions. It is therefore up to us as adults, to do our very best to ensure that students really understand the importance of road safety and we put in place procedures we think are necessary to help maximise their safety.

All students must leave the school via the main entrance. If they need to cross Heaton Street this must be done at our patrolled pedestrian crossing. Students are not to cross Heaton Street at any other point other than at our crossing or at the traffic light controlled intersections at Heaton Street/Papanui Road and Heaton Street/Rossall Street, and then continue to use controlled crossings until home. Even at controlled intersections, students must check that it is safe to cross before doing so.

Please also talk to your child about stranger danger and travelling home with one or more friends if possible.

We also ask that students do not use St George’s Hospital grounds as a route to or from school.

A reminder to parents/caregivers not to drive into our school grounds to deliver or collect a child before or after school. Please use our drop off/collection areas that are on both sides of the road outside school (this does not include the bus bay). Please be aware of our student cyclists when pulling over.

Thank you for supporting us in keeping our students safe.

By Office @ Heaton