Standout Heaton Speeches Enthral Rotary Judges!

Did you know that public speaking is considered to be one of the most common phobias? It affects three out of four people. It is incredible to think that approximately 75% of individuals suffer from speech anxiety. 

Considering statistics such as these,  the expertise and dedication of our students willing to compete in class, house and school speech competitions have been impressive. 

Six students were selected from Year 7 and 8 (Alisha R3, Abbey R16, Elle-Roze R18 and Will R15, Neve R12, Ashleigh R4) to present their speeches at the preliminary Rotary Speech Competition.  We were delighted that Will R18 and Neve R12 (Year 8) and Abbey R16 and Elle-Roze R18 (Year 7) progressed through to the Rotary finals to compete against some of our local schools.

Many parents and supporters from our local community attended this very entertaining evening.  We congratulate all the competition winners from the other schools but of course, we are especially proud of Neve R12 who was placed first in the Year 8 division and Abbey, first in the Year 7 division. Please enjoy reading about their experience below. 

I was extremely proud and happy to represent Heaton in the Rotary Speech Competition with my speech, ‘How to train your parents’. My aim was to make my speech as humorous as possible and I’m delighted to have been awarded first place. To me, writing a speech and choosing a topic is the hardest part. It took me three weeks to completely finish and remember my speech. I have certainly grown in confidence since the house speech competition!

At the competition, loved presenting my speech and listening to the other competitors. It was a thrilling experience, which I would do over and over again if I could! Listening to all the other speeches, I learned a lot about heroes, rebel women and many other things. The competition was tough! Everyone did exceptionally well and put a heap of effort into their work.

Presenting a speech has been a great experience. I hope other students will feel positive about facing their fears to give speeches a go in the future.

Neve, Year 8 Room 12

Being part of the Rotary Competition has really helped me become more confident. Ideas for my speech changed and varied with pros and cons needing to be considered to find the right topic. I researched and wrote ideas, mixing them together to pick out what I did and did not like. After researching, I had chosen my topic. Anatidaephobia! Anatidaephobia is a phobia that somewhere in the world a duck or goose is constantly watching you! Not attacking or touching you, just simply watching you!

I have learnt a lot over the Rotary Competition. I have developed my skills and become a better speaker. I have worked on my posture and being confident with my voice. I am very grateful to all the judges who took time to listen and give us feedback. They are the ones who watch us grow and develop our speeches.

I was very proud to be awarded first place at the Rotary Competition and would like to congratulate all the other speakers who competed. Opportunities such as this give us the confidence to believe in ourselves and these skills will definitely be helpful for the future. 

Abbey, Year 7, Room16

By Sarah Cumming