Room 7 & 11’s Camp Experience

Both classes enjoyed three full days of exciting activities!

We arrived at school early on the morning of the 30th of October. The Hall was full of excitement, with everyone eager to head to camp at Waipara Adventure Centre. Our first stop was a long walk and a river crossing. The very nice instructors taught us how to cross the river with our friends by holding onto their backpacks. We crossed it multiple times and walked very far, but as soon as we saw the camp site it felt like time flew by. After eating lunch we started our first rotation of activities. These included: kayaking, raft building, waterslide, flying fox, abseiling, Faulty Towers, and archery. The instructors were very friendly so it was easy to challenge ourselves. After dinner we had a quiz night, which was very enjoyable. Fast-forward to the second day and we proceeded to do three more activities before we stopped and had fish and chips for dinner. The final day went very quickly, with lots of packing up and two more activities. We had self-made burgers for lunch and then headed back home. On behalf of Room 7 and Room 11 we would like to thank all of the parents who helped us with this amazing experience. It wouldn’t have been possible without you.

By Neo – Room 7

By Sam Colvin