Rhodes House Camp

On the 21st March, 90 excited Rhodes House students clambered onto buses and made the 3 hour journey down to Raincliff Camp. After a quick snack on arrival we dropped our bags in our bunk rooms and headed off to our first activity.

The weather was not at its best and so several of our activities were adapted by the instructors. The activities included an exhilarating plunge down the river. Fire safety where you had to find the materials for the fire, light it and then boil Raro and cook/burn marshmallows. There was also the muddy weta cave which involved torches, teamwork and of course wetas. Abseiling that involved an exciting decent down a limestone rock face and a tramp that involved locating native trees and plants. We even had a juicy supply of blackberries to pick and enjoy, YUM!

Meal times at camp were held in the main hall with the whole house sitting at long tables, talking and eating. However, on the first night we had a silent dinner where the only source of communication was through pen and paper. By the end of dinner the paper was a mess of colourful doodles, squiggles and words. Our evening entertainment on camp included a quiz, a movie and displays of strange hidden talents, eating challenges, flexibility and super strength.

Looking back on camp, Rhodes House had an enjoyable and memorable experience that would not have been possible without the instructors, parent helpers, teachers and of course all the other enthusiastic Rhodes House students who came along.

Sammie and Charlie, Room 2

By Office @ Heaton