Our Vision

In partnership with families and our community, to develop students who are confident, respectful and motivated lifelong learners who can meet challenges, take responsibility for themselves and contribute to our community.

Heaton Normal Intermediate School continues to develop as an innovative, future-focused intermediate school providing high quality learning programmes and experiences especially developed to meet the learning needs of our early adolescents.

Respectful relationships between all members of our community are the foundation and heart of our school.

Our programmes focus on developing the knowledge, understandings and competencies our students need for success at all stages of their formal education and as life long learners. In particular:

  • Having literacy and numeracy skills to a high level
  • Using computer and multimedia technologies confidently
  • Caring for others and being active participants in our community
  • Applying critical thinking, problem solving and reflection skills in a range of contexts
  • Developing their talents and abilities and striving for excellence
  • Communicating confidently and thoughtfully with a wide range of people as members of a global community
  • Contributing effectively as a team member and being able to take a leadership role
  • Becoming independent, self-motivated learners
  • Being optimistic, resilient and knowing they can achieve
  • Enjoying learning and taking opportunities to develop and accept challenges.