Otahuna Camp 2018

By Tilly and Faraj, Room 18

On Wednesday Otahuna House and a few Elmwood students set out for a two and a half hour journey to Raincliff. After a quick stop at Geraldine, we were at camp. After lunch we set off for our activities.

Day 1

River safety was amazing. We learned about the hazards in rivers and how to avoid them. At the end we were allowed to have a splash around in the river. In the afternoon we played all sorts of games and hung out in the playground. We were served beautiful lasagne for dinner and were surprised by the teachers with a game of spotlight. The aim was to survive without being caught. Everyone had a great night’s sleep and were ready for tomorrow.

Day 2

We woke up bright and early ready for the day at 7 am. We had breakfast at 7:30 then our activities started. Abseiling was the highlight of my camp. The walk to the cliffs was 30 minutes long. There were 3 different heights we could choose from: Papa Bear (the highest), Mama Bear (medium), and Baby Bear (lowest). Next was the hike. Once we arrived at the track we played a few games, then we were off. We were given a piece of paper with a plant on it that we had to find. The hour walk was in a beautiful forest with lots of blackberries which some of us ate. There were even some fantails following us. After a long day we were surprised by an exciting night filled with weird talents, beat boxing and much more.

Day 3

Our last activity was the confidence course and the weta cave. The course consisted of tunnels, logs, tyres, walking across ropes and other challenging obstacles. At first I was nervous but eventually I got the hang of it. After we completed the course we headed off to the weta caves. After a couple of minutes of walking in the cave, it was pitch black. When we shone our torches on the cave walls all we could see was a variety of different sized weta crawling along. When we finished our activities, we ate our lunch back at camp then we headed home.

By Office @ Heaton