Market Day

In the weeks leading up to Heaton’s Year 8 Market Day, our classes have been bustling with creativity and cooperation as groups of Yr 8 students worked hard to prepare their unique products for the market day.

From the start of Term 1, all of the Year 8 classes have immersed themselves in Fair Trade, finding out every piece of information about it. Late last term, our teachers shared the new with us that we were having a Market Day! Students then formed groups, got their thinking caps on and started planning and researching amazing ideas for crafty products. We needed to make products that would be appealing to the consumer. Ten percent of our profit was donated to World Vision to support the suffering children from Syria.

The Year 8 students were incredibly busy preparing for this huge event. Everyone has had lots and lots to think about, like what their product would be, how much it would cost, how to advertise their product and would people want to buy it?

Friends and family of Heaton students came along to the Market Day last Friday to support the stall holders and to purchase some of the amazing products. It was really great to see all the items students spent lots of time on. There were all sorts of stalls, from stalls where you could get your photo taken to stalls where you could buy phone cases. It was an amazing experience and a great time to buy unique products.

Sienna, Finn and Aliana, Room 4

By Office @ Heaton