Kids’ Lit Quiz

Have you heard of the Kids’ Lit Quiz? It is a children’s literature based quiz aimed at children aged 10-13, and is made up of 100 different questions, falling under 10 unique categories. This year these included animals, castles, accidents – and even death!

The Kids’ Lit Quiz is a worldwide competition, and each school has the chance to enter 2 teams of 4. The entertaining quizmaster Wayne Mills (who also invented the Quiz) travels around the world, holding heats in many different countries. The top two teams from each heat get to go to the nationals, which this year are held in Wellington, with the National Champions going on to the Word Finals.

On Wednesday 14th March, Miss Just accompanied the two Heaton teams to Cobham Intermediate for the Canterbury Regional heats. A total of 64 teams were participating, making it the second biggest heat in the world! Both Heaton Intermediate teams did very well, with one team finishing only 8 points behind the winners, Aidanfield School. It was a great experience, plus a lot of fun, so everybody is “hitting the books” in preparation for next year’s competition!

by Holly, Room 15

By Office @ Heaton