International Food Festival

Last Thursday 11th of August, the 2016 Heaton International Food Festival took place on the basketball court.

There were many different stalls offering food/drinks from countries such as Japan, Niue, America, Pakistan, Scotland, Thailand, England, New Zealand, Germany, Russia and many more.

Our aim this year was to get students to experience and explore the different cultural foods, and this was a great success. Some of the food on offer included Russian sausage rolls, sushi, cassava pancakes, pretzels, stroopwafels, Scottish crumpets, mock sangria, mango lassis, Swedish cake and fresh spring rolls!

Despite the strong wind, many students turned up to try different foods from different cultures they had never tried before. It was great to see parents and family who came down to help and take part. There were many new cultures that were discovered and we can’t wait for next year’s International Food Festival.

Thank you to all students and staff who participated, especially those who took the time and effort to set up the stalls and organise the event.

Emily Room 15, Cultural Club Leader

By Emily, Room 15