HeatonComicBookDay – V2.0!

Zap! Boom! Pow! Bazinga! Zoom!Thwack!

Version 2.0 of the Heaton Comic Book Day went off with a “BANG!” on Friday, 5th May. To celebrate World Free Comic Book Day, a day aimed at promoting comic books as a reading medium, the students at Heaton Intermediate came dressed up as a comic book character.

The week leading up to this day was filled with comic book related activities within the classrooms. From analysing comic books, making collage art blocks, writing narrative stories and studying the maths behind special powers, we found creative and fun ways of integrating comic books into our learning.

The money raised from the day will go towards purchasing new comic books and graphic novels for the school library. 

Thank-you to everyone who helped support this awesome event. We look forward to Version 3.0 in the not too distant future!

Mr. Phanpho – resident comic book enthusiast.

By Boss Phanpho