Heaton Teams Hold Shot at 2018 Canterbury AIMS Lawn Bowls Tournament

Heaton students leave as bowls beginners, and return as enthusiasts!

The backhand draw, the hammer, or a burned end. These were most likely very unfamiliar terms for those Year 7 students who attended the annual CAIMS Lawn Bowls Tournament. 

Our Heaton students left school as complete beginners, however returned as bowls enthusiasts. We were very well represented at this years tournament, with 9 pairs teams competing against groups from Rangi Ruru, Oxford Area School, Kirkwood and Chisnallwood. 

We are very pleased to recognise our teams who finished in the top three of their respective grades:

* C Grade: 2nd (Lucas Band Ben P)

* D Grade: 3rd (Harper B and Romae P)

* E Grade: 1st (Oliver F and Harrison S)

* E Grade: 2nd (Charlie N and Rahil K)

* E Grade: 3rd (Amadee K and Zoe S

A huge thank you to Miss Nattrass for accompanying the team and to our parents/caregivers for their transportation help. This opportunity would not be possible without your support.

By Tim Evers