Heaton Ski Camp

On Thursday the 2nd and Friday the 3rd, 25 students attended the Heaton 2018 Ski Camp and Porters.

The camp, which was aimed at our advanced skiers, was a huge success. Students had two awesome days on the mountain with fabulous snow on Thursday and a bluebird morning on Friday.  There were 3 level 3 instructors for our Heaton team. We had 3 hours of instruction on Thursday morning, with free skiing in the afternoon, and another two hours of instruction on Friday morning.  A few of our competent intermediate skiers skied The Leaper and Big Mama for the first time, while our level 5 and 6 skiers had their technique tuned with individual pointers from the ever popular ski instructors Radium and Harrison, before being let lose on the mountain. 

The Lodge at Porters provided for all our overnight needs plus some, with spectacular views, yummy food for dinner and breakfast, warm bunk rooms, and a real post ski ambiance that you can only get while staying on the mountain. A big bonus of being so close to the action meant that we all got a little sleep-in on Friday morning.

The staff at Porters, both on the mountain and in the lodge, were great and a BIG thank you to the parents that assisted with this trip – without them it would never have happened.

We are now looking forward to and feel equiped for the P. and I. races at Cheeseman in the coming weeks.

By Katy Smeele