Heaton Ngā Toi Trip

A visit to the Canterbury Museum and Christchurch Art Gallery

On Wednesday 21st of February two groups of Year 8 performing arts students and visual art students went on an exploration trip to be intrigued and inspired. We were particularly interested in the messages and stories behind the art which  we viewed.

We visited the 50 Greatest Photographs of National Geographic Exhibition at the Canterbury Museum where we chose an image that caught our attention. We used visual literacy to understand and explain the story of the photograph. This was then followed by understanding the ongoing impact of the photograph on the communities where they were taken.


Later we walked down to the Art Gallery where we visited and an exhibition of photographs of trees by Ann Shelton called ‘In the Forest’. This was an interesting exhibition as the trees all had their own story but also a story which meant they had more in common  than just being trees. The trees were all grown from seedlings which Hitler had given to Gold Medalists at the 1936 Olympics. A very ‘inTREEguing’ story. 

We also took time to discover the story behind the kinetic sculpture outside the Art Gallery. ‘Reasons for Voyaging’ was created by Grahan Bennet. He collaborated with the architect of the Art Gallery, David Cole,  and many of the shapes and forms of the Gallery may be seen echoed in the sculpture.


 We enjoyed being out in our community and for some of us, experiencing art, in places, we had never been before.

By Fiona Taylor