Global Cardboard Challenge Initiates Imagination & Ingenuity!

Creativity is considered to be one of the most important skills of the future. Max and Luca from Room 10 outline how this was clearly explored last Friday 20 October.

Heaton represented New Zealand as the only participant in the Global Cardboard Challenge. It was the perfect event, bringing the world together on one day, providing a powerful vehicle to foster creativity (one of our key school values) through playful learning. Inspired by Caine, a 9-year-old boy from the United States who created a whole arcade out of cardboard, this event has become a worldwide favourite!

When Mr Phanpho told us about the event in assembly, there was an immediate buzz of excitement. You could tell that everyone was thinking of unique ideas! 

On the day, you could see how much creative thinking and effort had been put in by every student. The hall and court were full of a huge variety of creations. A sports centre, a giant tank, a small lolly machine, a mini golf game, a pinball machine and a variety of costumes were just a few of the bright ideas. 

 We all enjoyed this day and had a heap of fun! It was an amazing experience we will always remember. Importantly, we felt we represented New Zealand in a positive way. Credit must go to Mr Phanpho for sharing the idea with us and organising the entire event.

Max and Luca Rm 10

By Sarah Cumming