Fun Day Captures the Heaton Spirit!

The Heaton field was ablaze with house colours for the annual Fun Day on Friday 10th February depicting a sea of red, green, blue, black, yellow and purple. 

It was the perfect opportunity for students and teachers to get to know each other to build our Heaton community spirit. Wearing crazy, colourful costumes added an extra element of pizzazz to this much loved Heaton tradition.

Students were challenged to complete a range of cooperative team activities including the infamous slippery slope, minefield, tug of war, wild wet wheelbarrow ride, human treadmill and splash just to name a few. Students had to rely on their leadership, communication and collaboration skills and of course a sense of fun to be able to complete the challenges and receive team points. 

Emma from room 15 thought the whole experience was a different opportunity to work together in a way that could never happen in the classroom.  She said solving creative problems like the canoe race challenge meant that you worked your brain in an exciting way. 

Hamish from room 15 loved the friendly competition. Being part of the human treadmill and watching people get dunked at the splash challenge were highlights for him. 

By Sarah Cumming