End to End Fun at the Canterbury AIMS Lawn Bowls Tournament

18 Year 7 Heaton students had a fantastic day as they competed in the above tournament hosted by Bowls Papanui and Bowls Canterbury.

Paired up, our students competed in 9 teams. There were 41 teams entered, so the competition was intense. After round robin play we had 1 team, Kingsley (Rm19)and Max (Rm 19), qualify  for the A grade. They were up against some very experienced bowlers and finished a very creditable 8th. Hunter (Rm 18) and Rhys (Rm 5) finished 5th in the B grade while Tana (Rm 2 ) and Thomas (Rm 2 ) took out the C grade in a closely contested final. Thanks to the parents who assisted with transport.

By Craig Robinson