Elmwood House Camp

Elmwood House had a fabulous time at Raincliff Camp from 28 February to 2 March.

We all arrived at school, ready for the bus ride. On the bus, everyone was chatting about what they thought Raincliff would be like.

While at Raincliff we completed four different activities. One activity was river safety and kayaking, which was learning to cross rivers and float down the river as well as kayaking with the current.

For abseiling we abseiled down a cliff. There are three different heights,  called Baby Bear, Mamma Bear and Papa Bear.

On the hike we had to find a plant with our partner and we played a few cooperative games that helped us understand habitat loss.

In the weta cave the walls were covered with wetas and mud. When we weren’t at the weta cave, we did the adventure-based learning course (ABL).  ABL was a confidence test in the forest and we could do it blindfolded if we were brave enough.

After we got back from the activities, on the first day we played games that were led by our student leader candidates. Then at 6pm we had dinner. The first night we had a talent show, and there were quite a few people that performed. The judges were three parents and after all the performances, the judges made their final decision. The winner was George D. from Room 1 with his amazing harmonica. After a long first day we all went to bed.

The second night at camp we had a silent dinner and watched the movie Diary of the Wimpy Kid, Dog Days. We were all very tired on the second night and we were all pleased to go to bed.

We had a fantastic time on camp and we would like to thank all the parents and teachers who took the time to come along, and we hope they had a fantastic time, too. 

by Maggie and Lukas

By Joan Green