Cultural Club Shared Lunch

On 29th of August 2018 we had our first annual Heaton Normal Intermediate School cultural club shared lunch in the hall. Students brought a plate of their cultural food to share with the cultural club and the teachers. Parents were invited to come too.

There was a lot of great dishes from South Korea,the Philippines, Algeria, Yemen, India, Punjab, Japan, America, Mexico, China, New Zealand, Australia and Ireland; delicious! Before we began, Mrs Mundy (ESOL teacher) and Mrs Knight (the principal) gave introductory speeches and then the cultural leaders welcomed everyone in their language and in English. Finally we got to eat everybody was keen to try the different dishes. After a few minutes everybody sat down and enjoyed their food. After everyone was finished people wrote greetings and messages on the paper table cloths in many different languages. The shared lunch had tasty food, good speeches and everybody had an awesome time, it was a great success!

Written by Ryan – Room 8

By Office @ Heaton