Chess Tournament

On Friday 24 August, 8 students went out to represent Heaton at the Canterbury Chess Tournament.

Heaton A Team

Sam – Room 5, Bryan – Room 7, Rudra – Room 10, Hayden – Room 10

Heaton B Team

Quinn – Room 4, Ali – Room 5, Adam – Room 17, Billie – Room 19

Everyone had fun there.  We got to meet other players and improve our playing as well.  We also made some friends, as well as enjoying ourselves throughout the tournament.

The results were quite good, we versed 17 schools.  Heaton B came 1st in their grade and Heaton A came 4th in their grade.  Overall everyone enjoyed themselves in the tournament.  

If you feel that you are good at chess, just come along to Room 4 at Thursday lunchtimes.

By Rudra – Room 10

By Office @ Heaton