Canterbury-Westland Science and Technology Fair Success

Heaton students shine at regional science fair

The Canterbury-Westland Schools’ Science and Technology Fair has been held in Christchurch for over 30 years and throughout this time has grown considerably in size and reputation to become one of the premier Science and Technology events in New Zealand.

Science extension teams from Heaton have been working throughout the year to produce an in-depth investigation for the science fair.

Congratulations to the following three teams who were selected to represent Heaton at the fair. They produced high quality exhibits that showcased their talents in Science and Technology .

Monte – Room 14 – “Cool Kai Box”,  A way of delivering and keeping food cool for the day (Technology). Winner: 2nd – Y8 Technology

Guy – Room 2 and Luca – Room 1 – “Super Soaker”, Measuring the ability of different surfaces to disperse floodwaters (Science).

Frankie and Meg – Room 2 – “Brassed Off” Testing the antibacterial properties of different metals (Science). Winner: 1st – Y8 Health Sciences, 1st – Overall Year 8 Science, 3rd – Best in Fair.


By Jarrad Brown