Beware the Summer Slide!

And I’m not talking about water slides! The “summer slide” is a well documented decline in reading achievement that children can experience while they are away from school over the long summer break.

Continuing to read through the holidays will help set your child up for a great start to the new school year by maintaining or developing their reading skills. It doesn’t matter whether they are reading books, magazines or graphic novels, or whether they are reading in print or online.

Year 7 students who are returning to Heaton next year are encouraged to borrow as many books from the LRC as they think they can read over the summer holidays. The record so far is a student from Room 19 who is taking home 28 books for the summer! Year 7 students can borrow from the LRC right up until the last day of the term, 19th December.

While Year 8 students can’t borrow from the LRC anymore, they can of course use their public library. Christchurch City Libraries are running a Summertime Reading Challenge over the holidays, open to kids of all ages. Prizes include electronics, vouchers, and more.

For ideas of what to read, check out the Heaton LRC “Top Picks”. These list 20 of the best books from our 6 most popular genres: Adventure, Fantasy, Funny, Futuristic, Mystery & Action and Realistic stories.

I wish everybody very happy holidays and I hope you all find at least one great book to read over the summer!

By Jane Boniface