AIMS Games Championships

Heaton had another successful trip to Tauranga this year

We would like to congratulate our amazing Heaton athletes who took part in the 2016 NZCT Aims Games Championships in Tauranga. With over 9300 students taking part from 281 schools, the Aims Games has become an immense tournament experience. We are so proud of the way our students represented our community, and want to recognise their fantastic results.

Our tournament squad consisted of a Girls’ 11-a-side Hockey team, Boys’ Basketball team and 9 individual athletes that took part in BMX, Tennis, Cross Country and Multi-Sport. We would like to acknowledge all of our team’s achievements, work ethic and the spirit in which they participated.

We are delighted to be able to congratulate our three silver medal winners!

· Rosa Blake – Multisport

· Paris Carroll – Cross Country

· Girls Hockey Team

We would also like to take this opportunity to recognise our dedicated coaches and managers for all that they have done to help make this tournament possible. Your guidance and support was unwavering and our students were very lucky to have you in their corner. Thank you Mr Evers, Mrs Dore, Mr Robinson, Kate Trolove and Jane Newton.

For a full list of results and pictures, please visit our Heaton SportsBlog

By Craig Robinson