2018 NZ Author Awards

Milly R12 recounts a trip to the NZ Author Awards…

On Monday 6th August, Room 12 and some of the LRC monitors took a trip to the 2018 NZ Author Awards held at St Margaret’s College. 

We were excited to meet Rachel King who introduced us to 3 amazing authors, Fleur Beale, Joanna Grochowicz and Suzanne Main. They each spoke about their upcoming books that were just released.

Fleur told us about her book, “Lyla”. It’s about a 14-year-old girl who is hit by the Christchurch earthquakes. She loses all contact with her close friends and nearly her whole family. The whole story is told from what she thought, saw and experienced.

Then Suzanne told us about her new book, “How Not to Stop a Kidnap Plot”. A kid called Michael overhears someone planning to kidnap someone. Michael tells his Mum but she doesn’t believe him because he has no evidence, so Michael and his friend try to solve the mystery.

Joanna was the last author to share her book, “Into the White, Scott’s Antarctic Odyssey”. This book is about Scott, leading an Antarctic mission. They left for Antarctica in 1910 and soon after that, their lives were on the line where they could die at any moment. For them, no place was safe. As part of her presentation to promote her book, she got 2 volunteers to dress up as 2 characters that were assets during Scott’s adventure.

I think we all had so much fun and were able to see some of the latest books that a lot of us would be into. It was an amazing opportunity for us to be able to meet the authors and I definitely would recommend it for next year.

Milly Room 12, Year 7

By Sarah Cumming