2018 Cantamath Competition

Heaton’s Year 7 Cantamath team outpaced their competitors to finish first in this year’s , Year 7 competition, followed by the Year 8 team, who earned a hard-fought second place in their Year 8 competition.

At the Horncastle Arena on Wednesday, 22 August, Heaton’s teams joined nearly 100 other teams in each competition which combines problem solving skills with a quick runner.

Heaton’s Year 7 team won the competition decisively. The four-student team of Bryan, James, Rico and Maddie answered the first several questions rapidly and accurately. They quickly pulled ahead of their competitors and never looked back, answering every question correctly and earning a golden ticket of 100 points within the first 15 minutes of the half-hour long competition. The second-place competitor finished more than five minutes later, with other teams following. Their trophy can be admired in the Heaton school office for the next year.

The Year 8 competition proved to be more closely contested. Heaton’s Year 8 team, Saki, George, Guy (absent for photo) and Ben, made a strong start. The team was soon neck-and-neck with their two closest competitors, Middleton Grange and Medbury. After an exciting 25 minutes, Heaton secured a strong second place in the Year 8 competition, just a few minutes behind the winners.

Congratulations to the all eight students and their coach Mrs. Rachel Bates!

By Joan Green


Cantamath 2018   PDF, 1.1 MB