The Heaton Normal Intermediate PTA (Parent Teacher Association) is made up of parents, caregivers, staff and other parties who all have an interest in supporting Heaton Intermediate.  Our primary objectives are:

  • to provide a communication link between the students, parents, staff and board
  • to support and enhance the school environment through fundraising
  • to welcome new families and to encourage them to integrate into the school
  • to manage specific services for the school e.g. the second hand uniform shop

Any person associated with our school is eligible to become a member of the Heaton PTA and we encourage you to seriously consider joining us.  A committee member only does as much as he/she has time for – the more people we have the load is spread. You too could be serving at the drinks counter at a Year 7 disco, manning a uniform sale at the end of a term or flipping a sausage at the Extravaganza!

During 2016 the PTA was able to donate over $16,000 to the school, as well as put aside $16,000 for the purchase of a new school van. These are some of the things purchased:

  • Technology large screen monitor
  • Hockey bibs
  • Soccer balls
  • Basketball hardware
  • Food Technology replacement ovens
Along with regular contributions to the library, sports, arts and music departments as well as the Principals Fund.

PTA Second Hand Uniform Cupboard

Uniform Co-ordinator for 2019/2020: Fe Jaspersmith 027 4330787

The PTA runs the uniform cupboard with proceeds being reinvested back in to the school via PTA fundraising projects.  This service is valuable for both parents selling items and those wishing to purchase good quality second hand uniform items for students.   Items are held all year and stock depends entirely on what has been handed in for sale.

Note: no new items are available via the uniform cupboard and we are unable to resell second hand caps or socks.

The uniform cupboard runs its major sale during the last week of term 4.  This is an opportunity for parents of students leaving the school to sell items with a quick turnaround to launder items overnight on the last day of year 8 school and have ready for the sale the following afternoon.  It also enables parents of new students to purchase second hand uniforms ready for the new year as the uniform cupboard will not be open over the holiday period.   Details of this sale will be posted on the website and in the newsletter nearer the time.

The uniform cupboard can also be accessed on an ad hoc basis during the year by contacting the uniform coordinator.

If you wish to sell any uniform items during the year then you need to complete the attached form, bag items and hand in to the office so they can be placed in the uniform cupboard for sale.

The form provides all details and conditions for selling items and a separate page for each item is required.

We hold our meetings on the third Monday of the month (this can vary due to the school holidays, so check the latest newsletter) in the school staffroom. We start at 7pm and endeavour to keep our meetings to just one hour. If you are interested and would like more information please contact Leigh Ginnever: 021 2299883 or

The 2019 Second Hand Uniform Sale is on Thursday, 19 December in the Hall.  Cash only.

  • Clothing intake 1.30 - 2.30 p.m.  See link to instructions below.
  • Clothing sale 3.00 - 4.00 p.m.  Cash only.