At A Glance



  • Heaton enrols about 560 Year 7 and 8 students between the ages of 10 and 13 every year.
  • Our enrolment zone includes the Christchurch suburbs of Papanui, Bryndwr, Merivale, Fendalton, St Albans and the Central City.

Classrooms and Houses

  • There are eighteen classrooms at Heaton; nine for Year 7 and nine for Year 8.
  • We have six houses consisting of either three Year 7 classes or three Year 8 classes.
  • In every house there is one extension class and two mixed ability classes.

Core Learning

  • Heaton’s classroom teachers focus on developing students’ literacy and numeracy skills to a high
  • Our school-wide inquiry learning programme encourages students’ curiosity, research skills and knowledge of the world.
  • Every student is engaged in regular physical activity and skill development.

IMG_6251Specialist Learning

  • All students are involved in a specialist learning rotation for three hours every week which includes soft materials technology, hard materials technology, digital technology, visual arts, performing arts, science and physical education.
  • In Year 7, students are involved in an additional course of learning in Te Reo Maori.

Learning Outside the Classroom

  • In their house groups, students go on a camp in both of their two years at Heaton; Glentui in Kaiapoi for Year 7 students and Raincliff in South Canterbury for Year 8 students.
  • As part of inquiry programmes, each class goes on at least one field trip per term.
  • Heaton offers a range of other trips for students involved in sporting, cultural, academic or leadership opportunities.


  • Heaton has a staff of 40 highly skilled teachers and support staff.
  • All our staff have personal skills and interests in sporting, cultural, academic and other areas, which they share with the students.
  • We have a great balance between experienced and beginning teachers as well as male and female teachers, all of whom contribute to making our school the best that it can be.

Student Life

  • Every student has the opportunity to participate in a wide range of sporting, cultural, academic and leadership opportunities around our school.
  • Each year there are a range of clubs and teams at Heaton, organised and run by both staff, students and parents/caregivers.
  • Our canteen provides a range of tasty treats and currently holds a Heart Foundation Gold award.


Heaton has a range of excellent facilities including:

  • Well-resourced classrooms and specialist rooms with a range of up-to-date ICT equipment for teacher and student use.
  • A large hall used for assemblies and indoor sports.
  • A modern, purpose-built performing arts centre.
  • The newest addition to Heaton; our new Learning Resource Centre, a multipurpose learning centre.

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