Specialist facilities at Heaton include:

Learning Resource Centre

Heaton’s LRC is a multipurpose learning centre which is run by a specialist coordinator.


  • Well-stocked and regularly updated fiction and non-fiction collections
  • A range of laptop and desktop computers
  • Photocopier and printer
  • Open workspaces with large tables for group work
  • Separate seminar rooms for students or teachers
  • An auditorium with tiered seating and a data projector

Performing Arts Centre

The PAC is an architecturally designed and acoustically treated rehearsal and performance space.

  • Large stage area
  • Tiered seating to accommodate an audience of approximately 150
  • Purpose-built control room with sound and lighting desks
  • A range of musical equipment including microphones, amplifiers and instruments

Science Room

All Heaton students have the opportunity of taking specialist science lessons in our well-resourced lab.

  • Lab-coats, safety goggles and rubber gloves for student protection
  • Bunsen burners and microscopes
  • Glassware, pipettes, scalpels and other tools
  • A range of materials for use in experiments
  • Bench tables and stools for group work

Art Room

The art room is where every student is encouraged to create as well as think about the purpose of the visual arts.

  • iMac desktop computer for student use
  • A range of media, machinery and tools for creating art
  • Large tables for group work
  • Art club during lunch time

Food Technology Room

Solving cooking and nutrition problems by following the technology process is the name of the game in the food technology room.

  • Stove-tops and ovens
  • Modular work benches for small groups
  • A range of ingredients to suit students of all dietary needs

Fibre Technology Room

The fibre room is equipped with a range of tools to help students to learn skills, follow briefs and create high quality finished products.

  • Sewing machines
  • A range of fabrics, hand-sewing equipment and accessories
  • Work benches for small groups

Metal and Plastics Technology Room

Heaton’s metal and plastics room is the place where students learn to work through technological processes and create their own projects.

  • A range of power tools, hand tools and accessories
  • Clear teaching in the safe use of the workshop
  • High quality models and briefs to help the students achieve

Wood Technology Room

The wood technology room is a well-equipped workshop where students build unique and personalised projects.

  • A range of power tools, hand tools and accessories
  • Clear teaching in the safe use of the workshop
  • Project briefs that allow students to personalise their final outcomes

Digital Technology Room

The digital technology room is a computer lab where students design and print 3D models as well as learning to code.

  • 23 Windows desktop computers
  • 2 Makerbot 3D printers

Learning Support Teaching Room

The learning support room is a dedicated space for working with individuals and small groups.

  • iMac and Macbook computers for student use
  • Software catering to student needs
  • A range of resources appropriate to the ability and age of the students

ESOL Teaching Room

Our ESOL room is provided for our many international and migrant students who are learning English.

  • Macbook computers for student use
  • Books and other resources appropriate to the ability and age of the students
  • Lessons for small groups
  • Pastoral care support

School Hall

The hall is primarily used for whole-school assemblies and indoor P.E. and sports sessions.

  • Raised stage with sound system and data projector
  • Large floor area for group activities
  • Seating to accommodate the entire school
  • Basketball, volleyball, table tennis and korfball equipment


Heaton’s canteen provides students with healthy and delicious food every day.

  • Heart Foundation Gold award
  • Food and drinks available for purchase over the counter at interval and lunch time
  • Hot food available to order for pick up at lunch time
  • Students opt into being canteen monitors and operate the canteen under the supervision of the canteen manager