Student Testimonials

Dana’s Testimonial

Written by Dana (Korea)

Dana-1My name is Dana and this is my second year at Heaton. It has been a thrilling roller coaster ride I will never forget. If I was asked to give my opinion of Heaton, I could probably go on and on. But knowing it is too time-consuming for everyone, I would like to focus on three main things: learning, the teachers and the various opportunities Heaton offers to every single student.

One of the main reasons I enjoy Heaton so much is because there are so many exciting things to work on. Classroom teachers always make sure students learn something and we enjoy doing it. In my case, I love every learning opportunity at Heaton. Anyway, technology is one of the beloved subjects of students at Heaton. This year we have sports, science, art, wood/metal and food technologies, which we never get tired of.

In my life so far, books have been one of the main stepping-stones I have crossed and vanquished. They allow me to follow the path someone else has already experienced, which is more helpful than living my own life. As I advance in my English at Heaton, I think I have found the true value of books, as well as reading a wide range of books, because I find them extremely amusing and beneficial.

The teachers are all very enthusiastic about teaching and I think that is why Heaton is the kind of school everyone would like to go to. Personally I believe every teacher is nice in his or her own way and they give students extra motivation to work.

The opportunities at Heaton range from different clubs to various school competitions. Based on what students are interested in, Heaton ensures everyone is engaged in sports, cultural or academic clubs. Some students are involved in just about everything from the chess club to extension maths and they say it is great to be involved in so many things. Let’s say I would really like to draw well, however I know for a fact I am terrible at drawing. Still, I am involved in the art club to enjoy what I like doing and who knows?? I might suddenly become the second Picasso due to so much hope and practice.

I always tend to get nervous when I am involved in school-wide competitions. Heaton holds many of these on a regular basis – for example Cantamaths and Litz Quiz. I think it is a good idea, especially when everyone has some fun and gets a break from the everyday class schedule.

The fact that this is my final year at Heaton reminds me of how I was scared to come to school on my first day. Entering the school gates was like entering unknown territory, though it does seem foolish now, after making my never-ending story at Heaton. I wonder what Heaton will look like in ten years time, when I will have finished my compulsory education?? Would I want to go back to a different Heaton to the one I know? My answer would be an absolute “Yes” because Heaton will always be my little treasure box.

Seyoung’s Testimonial

Written by Seyoung (Korea)

Seyoung-1As I walk into the hall for my first assembly I see tons of students wearing the same uniform as me. Mrs Chambers and Mrs Knight welcome all of us and talk about Heaton then we are dismissed. During the next few weeks I go to TECH, a programme where we rotate between 5 classes – Art, Food, Science, Wood and Metal/Plastic. There are also lots of opportunities at Heaton. They have so many sports teams like rugby, soccer, softball, tennis and lots more. Another year passes and I am in Year 8.  As I move up a year, there are more opportunities for me like being a canteen monitor, road patroller, environment leader, sports leader, student leader, librarian or art monitor.

Coming To New Zealand

Written by Eileen (Korea)

Eileen-1Have you ever wondered what it might be like to leave your home to go and live in another country?

When my family left Korea to come to New Zealand I was excited and a little bit nervous when I arrived in Christchurch because everyone was speaking English and I couldn’t understand. I was very quiet, not even speaking Korean.

During my first week I started talking to my family about my new country. This place was very nice, like the country with few buildings and no apartments. I was worried about food and going to school. My mum said, “You don’t need to worry.” When we finished talking we went out to the mall. It was different with the sound of English everywhere. I stared at the people. They had strange eyes and hair and the girls were wearing so much makeup! At the mall we bought some food and school stuff. When we got back to the hotel we tried salt and vinegar chips. They were really salty!

My first day at school, my mum, guardian and I went to the office. Some Heaton students took me to Room 12, my new classroom. When we walked to class they asked me questions but I didn’t answer them because I didn’t understand what they had said. The classroom was different too! The chairs and desks were interesting!  When I went out of classroom, I looked around the school and saw that the playground and field were different! There was so much green grass! Even the bell made a different sound!

A week later, I moved onto Room 7 because there were no Korean girls for me to speak to in Room 12. When I went to Room 7, they were very nice to me, especially the Korean girls who showed me what I needed to do. My teacher Mr. Naidoo was very kind and very friendly. I was very happy, more than when I was in Room 12. I have been playing for over one year with the same friends Anna and Lucy.

After nearly two years, I feel really happy and I can speak English. New Zealand feels like my second home. I am glad I have been strong and brave!