Heaton Fun Day

A perfect way to start a new school year!

Last Friday was the 2019 Fun Day! Every student was dressed up in their house colours, ready for the excitement ahead. Each class was split into two teams, then we set off to the morning briefing. As we headed our separate ways, the competitive spirit rose, and houses started their first activities. 

Every activity required some sort of skill, whether it was balls, running, dodging, or sliding down a slippery slope. It was great to look around and see all the teams being good sports, working together, and everyone having fun. The students weren’t the only ones with an ambitious attitude. The teachers really got into it too, cheering on their houses in bright costumes with lots of enthusiasm. 

Congratulations to Rhodes and Tikao house, who won the Fun Day for their year group, and thank you to Mr Evers who ran the Fun Day. It was a great day and the Year 7’s will all be looking forward to next year.

Maddy and Holly (Rm 15 Reflection)

By Tim Evers