Heaton Comic Book Week – 2019

What would you do if you could be a Marvel superhero, Harry Potter, Darth Vader or Calvin & Hobbes for just one day?

Heaton Intermediate students (and staff) recently took part in a week-long celebration of all things to do with comic books. This was to build up towards World Free Comic Book Day, a global event aimed at promoting comic books as a literacy medium.

Amongst other things, some students took part in comic book sketching workshops. Around 80 students learned from professional artists, how to create comic book artwork. Based on the work produced, it is safe to say that we have some very talented students at our school! 

The week culminated with a whole school dress up day where students and staff came dressed up as a comic book character. We had lunch as a whole school and there was a walk-off where students paraded some of their costumes for everyone to see. Even the teachers got in on the act too!

All in all it was a colourful, boisterous and fun day for everyone. Bring around H.C.B.W 2020?

By Boss Phanpho