Chess Tournament

The Heaton Chess Team came 2nd in the Intermediate category with our top 4 players going to Nationals. The Chess Tournament was held in the Heaton Hall, and over 100 players competed from all over Christchurch. With badges and medals up for grabs, everyone was on the move to get one.

In between games, everyone would join together, then set off to talk to others or play the games that were set at the end of the hall. By playing these games people would gain a medal if they attained the greatest score.

Over time conversation between players flowed. Every sentence would end up with us all howling with laughter. They asked us for our phone number or Instagram, but sadly, some of us didn’t possess it, or just couldn’t remember. Though some lost, while others won, this didn’t change the excitement that lingered in the room.

By Anna-Marie, Room 2 and Billie, Room 19

By Office @ Heaton