40 Hour Famine

Each year Heaton Intermediate encourages students to sign up for a worldwide event called the 40 hour famine. This enterprise gets people to give something up for 40 hours. The people who participate get sponsors so they can raise money for the cause World Vision chose; children of South Sudan.

The 40 hour famine is taking place on the 8-10 of June, although you don’t have to do it on this date. Over 600,000 kids the same age as us, at Heaton and younger have had to flee their homes leaving all their belongings and not knowing whether their parents are alive or not. As well as that 400,000 of those kids are suffering from starvation and severe malnutrition. Leaving them with swollen bellies and arms as skinny as a twig. These are signs of lack of nutrition.

This year we, your 40 hour famine leaders, introduce to you, the school wide Run-a-thon! This event will be taking place on the eighth of June to kick off the 40 hour famine. It will run from 8:00 am-3:00 pm. Students will be able to go outside and run laps around the school at the allocated times for each house and there will be free running before school, at interval and lunch. If students do not wish to participate in the 40 hour famine, this is a great way for them to help out and raise money for the famine. We would love for the community to be involved too. You can come on down and walk or run a few laps of the track. Let’s spread the word to help those in need.

The Run-a-Thon will be a house competition so the shield is up for grabs. Another thing to look forward to is costumes. Dress up in your house colors and there will be a prize for the best costume!

We would love it if all students could either participate in the famine or bring a donation to help the kids of South Sudan.

These are some videos about the 40 hour famine.

Victor’s Story (a child from South Sudan)

Let’s Stand United for the children of South Sudan

Written by Caitlin, Room 2

By Office @ Heaton